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Internet Article Defects System for Glass Container Manufacturing

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Internet Article DeFects Information System
Production Control System for Container Glass Manufacture

Collect and display productions process data in real time
With an update cycle of once per minute iAfis offers you immediate access to any changes in production process. Whatever may happen, at least one minute later you will know it. This helps help machine operators to shorten reaction times on upcoming problems. In case you prefer to be informed about all critical events without watching all the time the iAfis software running, no problem. Scalable Alarm Messages - normally sent from one iAfis Terminal to other ones - can now also be configured to be sent parallel as Email or SMS to Cellular Phones, i.e. in case of Critical Defects or Downtimes of equipment.

Keep results for long time storage
iAfis keeps all results for long time storage for immediately online access within your plant. This helps you to validate complaints from your customers, and also to compare different production runs for same container.

Combining automatic recorded data with Actions / Reactions

iAfis combines automatic recorded data from your inspection equipment with actionor  reactions by human persons like Machine Operator or Cold End Inspector. In picture above Machine operator had changed 2 times a Neck Ring (NR) to solve problem of increasing Split Top Defects at Section 12 Front.

Range of information
Hot End:
  • Shear cuts, Gobs loaded / Gobs intercepted, Hot Ware Reject, Hot Bottle Counter / Lehr in
  • Containers made on each Section of IS machine to detect Section Downtimes etc.
  • Data from Hot End Inspection Equipment like XPAR or MSC ICARE
  • Gob weight either direct from Weight scale or by network from GEDEVELOP GMBS
  • All changes of parts/tools at Hot End (free definable and expandable list from Shear Blade up to Take Out Arms etc.). Including definable Lifetime per part to show missed changes by red background color.

Cold End:
  • Sidewall inspection: Inspected, Total Defect Rejects, Rejects by Defect Group (Sidewall, Stress, Dimension etc.).
  • Base / Finish inspection: Total Defect Rejects, Total Mould Rejects, Rejects by Defect Group (Finish, Base, Stress etc.). In case equipment has Mould Reading, all results will be shown by mould number and section of IS machine also.
  • Thickness: Inspected, Total Defect Rejects, Rejects by Zone
  • Check Detectors: Total Defect Rejects, Total Mould Rejects, Rejects by Defect Type (Caliber, Dip, Line over, Cut under, Split Shoulder, Ovality, Thickness etc). In case equipment has Mould Reading, all results will be shown by mould number and section of IS machine also.
  • Results from Lehr exit Mould inspection
  • Results from inspection equipment test with sample containers
  • Results from final AQL inspection of packed ware
  • Recording of pallet no., timestamp and status (blocked or good ware) of each pallet possible
  • Printing of pallets labels with barcode is possible also
  • Automatic sampling to AGR Sample Pressure Tester or to Emhart Glass Minilab


  • Weight, Fillpoint, Capacity
  • Dimensional tests
  • Coating, Slip Angle, Annealing
  • Thickness, Impact Test, Thermic Shock
  • Average, Standard Deviation, CPK values, PPM values and more

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